Hospital Laboratory Workers and Radiographer on Strike in Auckland

As a result of the strike of radiographers and hospital laboratory workers, the Auckland District Health Board announces that 500 of the non-urgent surgeries, which are actually all the elective surgeries, would be canceled, in addition to thousands of other operations that will not be carried out as scheduled, whereas, other will be suspended.

The District Health Boards accused the radiographers and the laboratory workers of intentionally standing in the way of the patient service. However, Stewart Smith, the President of New Zealand Medical Laboratory Workers Union replied saying that the workers would not accept to be ‘bullied’ into settling for any kind of pay deal. Mr. Smith also said that such industrial actions are amenable and would require the Government’s attention.

He added, "The management team at CDHB knows these people are in financial difficulty and has suspended them. We've got a solo mum, a solo dad, single income earners ... and they have chosen to suspend them for the longest time, which is a week".

The strike would last for 3 days, starting Friday, while next Tuesday would be a national strike for the hospital workers all around the country. Before going on the strike, the workers sent 348 notices to the District Health Boards and hospital boards that they have to find an alternative, for the hospital workers and the radiographers would not be available to cover their tasks.