A Man Amputates His Thump While Laying Decking

A man, aging 55 years old, ‘partially’ cut off his thumb by accident, when he was laying decking of his garden, in Tamworth. The air ambulance arrived at the scene in Neville Street home in Glascote, at around 1100 BST to transfer the injured man to the Royal Derby Hospital, a hospital specialized in hand surgery.

However, no information about the man’s current condition or whether he would be able to retain the normal function of his thumb again has been divulged.

The amputated thumb was restored in good condition; yet, the Spokeswoman of West Midlands Ambulance Service confirmed that the thumb was damaged because of the use of a circular saw applied by the victim.

She also added, “Crews immediately dressed the man’s deep wound and he was transferring by ambulance to the awaiting helicopter which had landed in a park nearby. Due to the serious nature of the man’s injury, the air ambulance was utilized to convey the man quickly”.

Such accidents prove that the ‘Do It Yourself’ is not always the best option; even in minor tasks as taking care of the garden or trimming it and laying decking has proved to require professional care.