Microsoft to extend accessibility to SDL Docs

Microsoft intends to expand its access to offer exclusive security license for software development.

The report offered by Reuters, the IT biggie claims to convert the licensing in regard of developing tools for offering a license for one and all, in an exclusive deal for the registered developers.

The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) supposedly is a rough draft by Microsoft for integrating safe security practice into applications, which is aimed to convert everything in to a singular unit of Creative Commons License
(CCL), the company states.

David Ladd, chief security programmer said, "Microsoft hopes this more open licensing will encourage developers to build upon the SDL and incorporate security and privacy throughout software development lifecycle."

As per the statement by Ladd the start up files featured to fall under the latest license which otherwise be termed as "Simplified Implementation of the Microsoft SDL" and "Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) - Version
5.0", which will be released very soon.