Casing snaps hint of new iPod Nano

The air is clogged with rumors of the latest design of Apple's latest offering of iPod, which seemingly is considered to be Apple's smallest iPod member, the Nano.

Supposedly the recent move might hint of the fact Apple's future intentions to keep the classic iPod format viable, despite the soaring internal competition from self-product such as iPod Touch and iPhone.

Reports of Apple Insider as quoted by Shaw Wu of Analyst firm Kaufman Brothers who claims that a mighty offering from Apple could be a redesigned iPod Nano that offers the miniature form of music device and at the same time offering no click wheel; also with the established fact that iPod Nano is small and anything tinier than that might be a tedious thing to offer.

The report by Chinese site, SJ. 91 claimed that the released pics is a work by the case maker, X-Doria which seemingly is also a notified presenter for the future generation iPod Touch and the sixth generation iPod Nano. In case of smaller version the model is more of a square model which comes as an open strip with a belt clip.

The design doesn't hint anything about the product, but rest assured the iPod Nano will be losing the click wheel and will be coming with a smaller screen with the same pixel count.

Also, other options speak of offering the wheel back in Nano format, which has been substituted with a traditional button based interface or may be a touch screen instead.