Netflix unveils app for iPhone

US based video on demand service, Netflix, has unveiled the latest app for iPhone and iPod touch which aide users to watch movies and TV programmes online with the aid of Wi-Fi or 3G.

The free app asks for a Netflix based subscription which is priced merely at $8.99 a month and aide users can access their account via iOS devices.

Tests conducted by PCWorld have revealed that the videos can be watched best in Wi-Fi based connection rather than opting for 3G, which constantly buffers.

Netflix which is rapidly growing in the aspect of mobile handset arena against rivals such as Blockbuster, Redbox or Hulu in order to increase its database at the same time convert its 15 million subscribers to medialess streaming support.

Through various studies it has been known that three out of every five of its subscribers have made use of the online service as stated by Netflix last month and offers pay per programme like incase of iTunes where, regular users will end up paying less per movie.

It is yet on tenterhooks if the service will be released for an Android version or when the service will be offered out of US.