Apple Cloud-Based iTunes possibly be "Social"

Media analysts have stated that the latest iTunes music service will rely on social abilities instead of the usual streaming media content.

Media Memo report claims Apple has not been successful enough to release major music publishers on board for an iTunes music streaming service, the firm might be offering the iTunes Music Store which will be more social networking directed.

Apple will soon be releasing the updates for its iPod touch and iTunes at a music related press event dated for 1 September.

Earlier reports claim that the music streaming service will be featured in iTunes have come up, indicating the fact that users can store their music collection in the cloud platform, and at the same time bring out iTunes based content via any internet enabled device.

A statement by media executive stated: "There's a reason Steve Jobs calls it an iPod - he thinks you listen to music by yourself, on your headphones. But lots of people like to share music, and if this lets you do that, that's exciting."