Smokers Can Use the Same Drug As Used by Diabetics

Scientists have said that drugs, which have been used by diabetics, can also be used by the smokers, to prevent the lung cancer.

After conducting tests on mice, scientists had found that metformin appears to block development of tumors.

If the research will show the same results in humans, it would become the first drug to prevent a smoke-related cancer. Researchers already had the idea that the drug serves both the purposes.

"This drug was able to stop tobacco carcinogen-induced lung tumors. The number of cases in mice exposed to tobacco carcinogens given the drug by mouth fell 50% and by injection 72%”, said Phillip Dennis, of the US National Cancer Institute.

A warning has been issued by the health campaigners that the risk of developing lung cancer can be reduced by this drug, but it would not prevent other health problems like emphysema caused by smoking.

Every year, almost 114,000 Brits have been killed by the cigarette, and out of the total number, 43,000 die from cancer.

Researchers revealed that a pill, which costs £10-a-week, used to treat angina, could help saving lives of 10,000 heart failure patients in a year.

After conducting a trail, in which 6,500 patients from 37 countries were involved, researchers said that without decreasing the blood pressure, the number of beats per minute can be lowered by having a drug called ivabradine.