Bloomhill’s ‘Target 300’ Witnesses an Early Overwhelming Response

Target 300, which is a new ambitious fundraising crusade initiated by Bloomhill, is seeing an awesome early response from the business in the local region, clubs and also from general populace, as it vended a striking $30,000 on the launching day, alone.

Brett Graham, Bloomhill Vice President and Target 300 Coordinator gave his stance that he was confident of Bloomhill reaching the target of raising $300,000 this time, although, yet, a lot needed to be done.

Target 300 is a leading fundraising crusade, which has an aim of raising $300,000 by contacting over 300 local businesses, organizations, clubs, firms and individuals, so as to receive funds that will be extended to the Bloomhill Centre located in Buderim.

Every level of donation is going to be accepted via the help shown by the local community or society members.

The extension is going to help Bloomhill in offering added services and improve its services to the mounting number of people who need the required help.

The number of members in the group has seen a remarkable increase, and its client base has as well improved from 450 to 850, in the previous two years term.

Visit www. target300. com. au to be informed about the campaign.