Always Wear Goggles While Doing DIY Jobs

According to experts, as many as 30,000 eye injuries happen every year because of DIY practice.

As per the College of Optometrists, 9 out of 10 people do not wear safety glasses when fixing some household stuff.

It is said that flying wood, metal, and concrete chips pose the biggest threat to people doing DIY at homes.

People who do repair work like hammering, drilling, stripping paint, splitting tiles, or concrete slabs should wear goggles in order to protect their eyes.

The Optometric Adviser to the College, Dr. Susan Blakeney said that God has given only one pair of eyes and they are very precious. So it is very important to protect them while doing home improvement jobs.

She further said, “Generally the rule of thumb is that if there is a risk of any foreign bodies entering the eye, wearing protective eyewear is essential”.

It is advisable to consult an eye doctor as early as possible in case of any injury to the eye.

The college also advocated that only those goggles should be worn, which fulfill the European standards, that is, those glasses which are listed as BS EN 166.

The college also mentioned that ordinary goggles and contact lenses are not safe for the eyes, although they may be used while doing gardening.