Medical Assessment Panel Compensates Man Disabled with MMR Vaccine, Paid £90,000

A medical assessment panel supported the allegations of mother of Robert Fletcher of Cheshire, who blamed MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine for initiating epilepsy in her child.

Fletcher, who is now 18, received MMR, when he was a healthy 13-month-old baby. After that he started having epileptic attacks. He became incapable to walk, talk and to feed himself. Also, his tendency of incontinency also enhanced.

Though, the claims were declined by the Department of Health, but the Commons Health Committee gave its verdict in Fletcher’s favour and compensated his loss with £90,000. This is for the first time any such compensation has been made and is likely to attract similar cases.

The panel found an association between the state of the child and MMR vaccine, assuming there could be a number of other such cases, as stated by Nadine Dorries, a Conservative MP who sits on the Commons Health Committee.

But, the medical experts are not much glad about the ruling that would entice other families to follow the suit to claim a cash award.

"One case like this makes other people think that they will be able to get a similar ruling”, said Dr. Malcolm VandenBurg, a medical legal expert.

The mother of Fletcher, Jackie is happy about the decision, who operates the pressure group JABS that assists around 2000 families in claiming compensation, whose children are the victims of MMR.