Dell Believes 3Par the Doorway to Large Enterprises

Dell is planning to purchase high-end storage vendor 3Par, as it believes that it would get the opportunity to expand its existence in the large enterprises.

However, it is not thinking about the Hewlett-Packard, which would attract the customers, if it will purchase 3Par.

"If you look at a lot of our customers, they are buying high-end systems, and in some cases they choose the high-end systems first, and then they choose the midrange and the low-end systems", said Praveen Asthana, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and Strategy.

As Asthana could not arrive in the middle of the acquisition battle, so he talked to the reporters via conference call, after a Dell press event, which took place on Friday morning in San Francisco.

On Friday, the war between Dell and HP continued, as the bidding hit the US$2 billion mark. During the acquisition battle, HP had lifted its bid to US$30 per share exceeding the Dell's bid of $27 per share.

But, 3Par did not accept the latest bid offered by HP. 3Par is known for making scalable, modular storage platforms with thin provisioning. It allocates huge amount of storage required by an application.

According to the analysts, if Dell will own 3Par, it would get a toehold in the large enterprises.