Study: Smoking Might be the Main Cause of Elevated Level of Stress in Teens

Irrespective of the level of stress through which teens undergo, a new research has depicted that smoking could radically be the cause of hike in the volume of depression in teens.

The study, that has been carried out by the University of Montreal that has been published in the journal Addictive Behaviours, explains that teen smokers, who opt to go in for ‘self-medicate’ mode with smoking, so as to get relief from stress, face adverse effect of the habit.

Michael Chaiton, the leader of the study, who as well is Research Associate at the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit said that there was a suggestive theorem explaining what happens after puffing a cigarette that can make you feel better, but that is an effect of nicotine withdrawal.

There are times that stress becomes too difficult to handle, and then in order to cope up with the condition and the mood swings, the cigarettes help in combating the effect, for a short period.

Chaiton said that 1/3 smokers in test squad signaled that they indulged in smoking for self medicating effect and to deal with other pressures faced in their lives.

The results fetched by the study are going to help other finding by the Nicotine Dependence in Teens study.