Diabetic Adults Sexually Active, Claims Study

A new U. S study has claimed that majority of the older adults surviving with diabetes are sexually active. However, diabetes does cause some problems with libido and can lead to erectile dysfunction as well, it added.

The study, published in the September issue of the journal Diabetes Care, involved over 1,993 people, in the age bracket of 57 to 85 and surveyed them. The findings have claimed that over 70% of partnered men with diabetes and nearly 62% of partnered women with diabetes admitted to have sex two or three times on an average every month.

In addition, the research claimed that non-diabetic adults are more susceptible to lose interest in sex and to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

"Patients and doctors need to know that most middle-age and older adults with partners are still sexually active despite their diabetes. However, many people with diabetes have sexual problems that are not being addressed", study lead author Dr. Stacy Lindau.

Besides, the study has highlighted an important aspect that a large proportion of adults without diabetes fail to experience orgasm compared to men who had been diagnosed with it, posted Marshall Chin, MD, one of the researchers and a professor of medicine at the University of Chicago.