Felony and Conspiracy Charges Indicted Upon Over Two Dozens in Oakland County

Friday brought in light felony drug and conspiracy accusations inflicted upon no less than two dozen individuals who were involved in raids on three medical marijuana clinics for the week in Waterford Township and Ferndale.

Michael Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff, said that the cases will compel a lot of abuses of various kinds relating to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

However, people who have defended their position, and their lawyers, are adamant that they had been well adhering to the rules and regulations set by the legislation.

Magistrate James Patterson in Hazel Park District Court charged 10 people relating to Clinical Relief, which is the Ferndale storefront operating medical marijuana store.

All had been released after they pleaded not culpable to drug felonies where each one carried a range of penalty, varying from four to seven years.

The accused who had been detained in the prison included: Derek Anderson, 29, of Ferndale; Michael Danto, 23, also of Ferndale; Ryan Fleissner, 30, of Livonia and Anthony Agro, 42, of Troy; Barbara Johnson, 40, of Leonard; Matthew Curtis, 39, of Lake Orion.

The County Sherriff said that the bylaw that had been passed intended to assist those people fighting chronic ailments and conditions.

This was not supposed to give birth to drug houses that seem to take help by thriving on compassionate grounds.