Suspicious Cat Killing Instances Prompt Caution in Edmonton

People in Edmonton who own cats as pets have been warned to keep their pets safe inside, as there have been three more suspicious cat assassination cases after 19th August in the southwest end of the city.

The police said that in each case the body of the cats had been mutilated.

Spokesperson for city Humane Society, Shawna Randolph said that the most recent killings make the number of cats killed in the region reach eight ever since the month of May.

Randolph informed CBC News that it was not at all desired from people to leave their cats all out in open. And rather to keep them safe, they should be kept inside the house.

If anyone would want to allow their cat to loiter outside, then keeping an eye on the cat was recommended.

Although Randolph did not offer any particular details about the exact place of the killings, she said the instances took place in the vicinity of the prior five killings that had been seen.

The deaths that took place then were in the neighborhood surrounding Greenfield.

In the middle of July, a cyclist located a dead cat near 39th Avenue, which too had been slaughtered into pieces.