Oil Detected in Bow; AHS Stops and Takes Further Precautions

Alberta Health Services has found that one of the stream turbines, which produce power for the Foothills Medical Centre, is a major source of oil leakage in the Bow River. This leakage had been detected three days before and up till now, almost 200 liters of refined oil had already spilled into the Bow.

Although no damage has been rendered over the wildlife or the human life, as reported by Alberta Environment, yet the leakage in itself is not good for the Bow. And the mechanical failure of the hospital has been blamed for it. Containment booms had been later used by the AHS, along with the city, to halt the leakage and to clean the oil.

It was on Sunday that the leak was first detected and immediately the firefighters used an absorbent boom to stop this leakage. Also, a lot of oil had been diluted by a heavy downpour later in the day, which reduced further risk.

Penny Rae, AHS Senior Vice-President of Capital Management Facilities, said, “While it's a relatively small amount, we recognize . . . any amount that's released into the Bow River is a serious thing”.

He added that the root cause of this leak would be detected soon and will be worked upon seriously, so that this thing does not happen ever again.