2 Wanganui Prison Guards Toiling Hard to Raise Funds for Daffodil Day

In Wanganui prison, two guards are putting in extra time in their work in a bid to raise money for the Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day appeal.

Graeme Taylor and Trevor Olmey have been rowing for 24 hours and that too without taking any break, which is only because they intend to set a world record of 300 kilometers.

The duo had been training in the prison gym and think that the roughest part of the task will be faced by them when dawn approaches.

Tomorrow will celebrate Daffodil Day’s 20th anniversary, with the Cancer Society’s fundraising function taking place.

Cancer Control New Zealand, which is an advisory committee offering independent suggestion to the Minister of Health, said that the day would have a positive impact upon how the cancer is perceived and treated in the nation.

Associate Professor, Chris Atkinson said that making people aware about the condition and assisting cancer research get needed funds marked the genuine success for 20 years of Daffodil Day fundraising event.

The donations that are received via the event are used in education, research and offering support to families, helping them find strength in fighting cancer or weaken its impact upon their lives.