RBS Prepared to Wind up Cardiff Call Centre; 2,000 Jobs to Be Lost Across UK

Taking a step as a part of cutting 2,000 jobs all across the United Kingdom, the Royal Bank of Scotland will be seen closing a call centre located in Cardiff.

The Tyndall Street office is likely to close by the middle of the year 2012 and the 257 staff members have been informed about redundancies and that relocation could be taken up as an option.

The changes, when in effect, will see the shutting down of 14 of the 27 offices across the UK.

The partly nationalized bank said that this was not the right time to inform about the number of role reductions that will be involved in the procedure.

While offering a statement, the Company said that it would do all the possible things so as to offer support to its staff members.

In addition, it said that it will be working closely with the workers via employee envoy groups, so as to finalize details and also try to tone down the need for obligatory redundancies.

The situation is surely annoying for all since it has popped out when the firm was raking in profits after bearing annual losses for two succeeding years.

Rob MacGregor, National Officer at Trade Union Unite, said that RBS workers would have to carry on paying price for the bank’s incompetency at offering jobs.