Only 41 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Allowed to Function: L.A. Officers

An announcement made by Los Angeles officers informed that a mere 41 medical marijuana dispensaries were eligible to carry on with the trade under the city’s limited decree.

This is a number so low that the city would have to postpone the examining procedure and demand a judge to seal it as unlawful.

Jane Usher, a Special Assistant City Attorney who worked closely with the City Council so as to plan the multifaceted medical marijuana bylaw, said that it was really surprising.

After going through the records for two months, the city clerk was firm that three-quarters of the 169 dispensaries that had sent in their application to keep carrying on their business did not fulfill the requirements stated in the order.

The non-eligible dispensaries’ list includes a few well-known names in the city.

The city clerk found that merely 41 pot shops met the eligibility criteria, where, according to the decree, dispensaries need to be 1,000 feet away from schools, parks and other gathering or entertainment sites.

It was also said by the city clerk that the owners necessarily needed to undergo background check and that their marijuana ought to be tested in a self-sufficient laboratory.