Nicotine Increases Risk of Breast Cancer

All we know about cigarettes and its harmful ingredients is that it contains 60 cancer-causing compounds, including carbon monoxide, tar and arsenic.

There has been a new discovery, which has linked smoking or consumption of nicotine to breast cancer. The normal cigarettes are said to contain nicotine, which according to a new study triggers breast cancer.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute shared that the researchers carried out an extensive study to note the breast cancer cells and normal cells and see if nicotine actually stimulated the growth of tumor at a cellular level.

It was found out by Yuan-Soon Ho and his team from Taipei Medical University that some cancer characteristics were seen to prompt when the normal cells were treated with nicotine in the lab. And similarly, whenever there was any decrease in the level of nicotine, the growth of tumor remained subdued.

Another research in the U. S has showed that alcohol consumption, more than the recommended safe level augmented the risk of developing lobular cancer. Excessive drinking too is said to double the risk of a common type of breast cancer.

“We estimate that about one in five cases of breast cancer in the UK could be prevented through people cutting down the amount they drink”, says Dr. Rachel Thompson, of the World Cancer Research Fund.