HIV-Infected German Popstar Gets Suspension for Two years

Nadja Benaissa, a German popstar, who was diagnosed HIV-positive and was indicted for transmitting the virus to her previous partner, has been relieved from the prison for a period of two years, by a court in Darmstadt, western Germany.

Last year, the 28 years old Ms. Benaissa was arrested in Frankfurt, before she was going to appear for her solo concert. She remained in custody for 10 days. She was a part of ‘No Angels’, a girl’s band formed in 2000, telecasted on an international TV show Popstars.

The singer confessed that she indulged in unsafe sex and also kept her HIV infection concealed from others. But, she declined any allegations of infecting someone with the disease.

Ms. Benaissa was alleged of having physical relationships with three different men and that too without disclosing her HIV infection. The blame came from one of them, who accused her of infecting him with the HIV infection.

Responding to the proceedings of the court, she admitted that she hid her wrongdoing, as she was afraid that it would ruin her career. She termed her offense as a "cowardly act". Along with that, she also expressed that the doctors told her that there was zero risk of the infection to get transmitted to others.

She said, "I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. I would love to turn back the clock, but I can't".

Her crime could have landed her in imprison for 10 years, but both the prosecutors and the defense demanded for her suspension, as she apologized and confessed to the crime.