Multiple Sclerosis Trials Will Take More Time at Sask

It has been reported that the new trials for the liberation treatment for multiple sclerosis will take at least several months before it can be put to action at the Saskatoon MS clinic. With the knowledge that the Government would be providing for them, the doctor who headed the clinic made it very clear that the clinic would be proceeding with the trials, but it would take a long while for that to happen.

It is quite well known that multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease, which creates a lot of problems as far as the mobility is concerned and there have been many cases where the patient is rendered immobile. Recent discoveries have brought about a new treatment called liberation treatment, which is formulated on the theory that the flow of blood is restricted by the narrow veins from the brain.

There have been findings relating this to the vascular problem, which is called CCSVI or cerebrospinal venous insufficiency that needs angioplasty as the treatment. But the problem is that patients who want to take up this treatment with relation to MS have to pay from their pocket as the medicare does not cover the procedure owing to the fact that there are a lot of pending queries with regard to CCSVI and MS.