Young Labor Expresses Mixed Feeling over Alcohol Reform Package

The Government has seen mixed feelings of the Young Labor for its alcohol reform package. The package consists of tremendous ideas, which will have varying degrees of success if implemented, to address the harm of alcohol in the New Zealand.

A Spokesperson of Young Labor Keep it 18, Nicola Wood, described the package as a “mixed bag.”

“Young Labor is in favor of some of the reforms, but we are absolutely opposed to the split purchase age, which would be 18 for licensed premises like bars and nightclubs, and 20 for off-licenses”, Wood said.

He also said that supporters of the split age are of the view that there will be cut off in the supply of alcohol to the underage drinkers, if 18 and 19 year olds will be prohibited to buy alcohol at off-licenses. However, lawmakers are not aware about the reality of drinking culture in Australia as most of the times parents give alcohol to their underage children.

Some MPs believe that the new policy will persuade responsible drinking, but it would increase harmful drinking at licensed premises.

Young Labor is of the view that by creating a split age, Parliament wants to convey the message that all drinking is safe and it would be an effective way of fighting drinking culture in New Zealand.