Apple expected to unveil updated iPod next Wednesday

The consumer electronics giant Apple is expected to unveil updated iPods or a new music streaming service during a music-themed event it is going to hold in San Francisco next Wednesday.

The Cupertino-based firm emailed an invitation to members of the media yesterday. The invitation was containing a photograph of a guitar, location, date and time of the imminent event. However the firm didn’t mention anything specific, such as the launch of any new product, about the event.

It may be noted here that Apple introduced new iPod digital music players at similar events it held in the previous two years. It typically also used the events to describe tweaks as well as new features for its iTunes online media store.

Apple’s iPods dominate the music as well as media-player market. Apple announced that it sold 9.41 million iPods during the three months to June.

Apple could also announce a service that allows people to stream music over the internet, without requiring to first downloading songs over slower wireless connections.

The company has announced nothing about the service, but rumors are swirling as the firm purchased a company with that kind of technology last year.