Mr. Loophole Experience, a Good Lesson for all the Dog Owners

This seems to be the first time that, Nick Freeman has forgotten to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly and hence has failed to make a claim after his pet Staffordshire bull terrier, Rocco collapsed on holiday.

The terms and conditions mentioned in the booklet made it very clear that he was supposed to inform the firm two weeks before the holiday and pay an additional £100 for overseas cover.

The celebrity lawyer nicknamed ‘Mr. Loophole’ was always seen with his pedigree dog by his side who is said to have been infected with a parasite followed by a near fatal illness, when Mr. Freeman believed Rocco was suffering from heat exhaustion.

The five-year-old Rocco finally underwent expensive tests and two blood transfusions at a private vet in Cannes. When Mr. Freeman's wife, Stephanie reportedly called up the Company, they straight away told her that she had failed to comply with the small print.

“Dog owners can learn from me the importance of checking the small print on your insurance policy before you take your pet abroad, and informing them if that’s what you’re required to do”, said Mr. Freeman, who was embarrassed to find himself £5,000 out of pocket.

Now, there’s a good lesson for all the dog owners who do not care to check the small prints on their insurance policies while taking their pets abroad for a holiday.