West Nile Virus Bug Hits New York Again this Season

The hot and dry summer in New York is suited best for the mosquitoes to thrive, say health officials. And for the ones who have been to the American Museum of Natural History and have seen the ‘Big Giant Mosquito’, built in the early 1990’s, they would certainly not want to get bitten by a mosquito.

But while malaria has a long time back made its way out of the city, the West Nile Virus is still an obvious threat. Viewing the magnification of its large tube-like mouth, one can certainly imagine how a mosquito can actually spread the disease

The West Nile Virus, which had popped out early this season, has been seen many a times since then and taking into the account the season, there is a likelihood that it will continue throughout the warm season, says Daniel Kass, Deputy Commissioner of Environmental Health.

“For people who live in areas with a lot of mosquitoes, they know it and a lot of times people will or should avoid going out during the worst parts of the biting night”, he added. The people will have to follow the same precautions as they did last season, and children and elderly will have to take extra care as they are most vulnerable to the West Nile virus.