Oregon Dairy Firm Recalls Milk& Milk Products due to Suspected Salmonella Link

An Oregon dairy firm, Umpqua Dairy Products Co. has recalled definitive milk & milk products that were sold in the state, southwest Washington and northern California after a strain of salmonella bacterium, which has sickened 23 individuals, had been connected with the firm’s milk plant.

The Oregon Department of Human Services is of the stance that 23 Oregon dwellers were confirmed to have matched DNA patterns of salmonella braenderup. Two people had to be hospitalised.

The initial case was reported in the previous year’s October.

Dr. Paul Cieslak of the Oregon Public Health Division, on Wednesday said that officers were in the most recent time able to confirm the match of bacteria strain that was found in the Dairy firm’s milk plant.

He is of the view that the risk for consumers is not very high. The Roseburg plant in Oregon has been shut down temporarily for cleaning purpose.

A plant code of 41-64 has been tagged with the products that have been discarded. The recall has affected milk that has been bought on or before 16th August, or the ones that have an expiry date of 5th September or prior.

Buttermilk, with an expiry date of 10th September or prior, and orange juice and fruit drink that have an expiry date of 15th September have as well been affected with the recall.