Over 300 ex-Woolworths Stores Standing Empty

It has been a year and a half ever since Woolsworths collapsed and that over 300 stores, which were earlier owned by it, have been standing all empty.

The Local Data Company, which offers information and details on the retail sector, was of the stance that this represented some of 40% of the onetime national chain.

The firm said that a few of the specialists thought that almost 150 stores might never ever be utilized as shops in future.

A majority that is using the outlets are discount retailers, which also includes Poundland.

The next on the slot to be using the outlets are supermarkets. New proprietors currently include Iceland, which has possessed over 60 premises, and Waitrose.

More often than not seen usage of outlets now comprises a health centre and a library, whilst a few have reopened stores stocking a comparable range of products and items, naming them quite similar to Wellsworths, such as Alworths.

The topmost take-ups of old Woolsworths has been seen in Greater London, where 81% stores have seen occupation, which has been followed by the ones in Yorkshire and the Humber, with 64% occupancy rate.

Woolsworths went into management in the year 2008 after it faced a tough contest from supermarkets and internet retailers.