Facial recognition software to be available to public

Face. com’s revolutionary software that can identify people from photographs posted on the internet will go public.

Face. com claims that the new software, which scans the relative positions of the nose, mouth and eyes, and then search for further images of the same individual on the internet, gives accurate results in 90 per cent cases.

Commenting on the software, chief executive Gil Hirsch said, “You can basically search for people in any photo. You could search for family members on Flickr, in newspapers, or in videos on YouTube.”

The creator of the software added that as many as 5,000 developers were already using it. Previously, only governmental organisations like the UK Border Agency were using such software.

Privacy advocates have been raising concerns about the adverse affects of the technology, arguing that it could risk privacy.

But, supporters of the software said the new technology would enable families to trace their near and dear ones who lost in humanitarian calamities such as floods.

The Information Commissioner's Office also approved the facial recognition software, saying that there were no official restrictions on the use of the technology.