Apple’s iPhone Tops the Chart in Mobile Ads

The figures revealed by the largest independent mobile advertising network, Millennial Media, showcased that Apple iPhone comprises 35% of all mobile phones ad impressions.

The Mobile Mix report for July 2010 contained the share of mobile phones in mobile ads. In top-20 ranks, Apple stood at the first place with 35% share of the total ads impression, the second place was taken by Samsung with 17% of share, RIM ranked third having 10% share, while Motorola and HTC were at fourth and fifth place with 9% and 7% of share, respectively.

If the non-phone devices are not counted, then the share of Apple's iPhone was 24%, making it to stand at first rank, RIM's BlackBerry Curve with 6.7% took second place. Among the top 20 phones, 12 are smartphones, six are Android devices and four are Blackberry.

If we talk about the smartphones segment only, then the Apple captures 55% of the share in mobile ads, Android phones 19%, RIM possessed 16% and Windows Mobile grabbed 4% share.

Also, 100% of the developers favoured Apple’s iPhone for showcasing ads, 75% inclined to Android, 46% supported RIM's BlackBerry OS, 29% targeted Symbian, Java was liked by 21% and 17% stuck to other podiums.

In the applications segment, games remain favourite with users and consists 47% of the app revenue from Millennial's network. The second most desired application is social networking, with music app standing at third place.