‘Legal Highs’ to Face Ban in UK

Ministers have expressed concern over the escalating use of new 'legal high' party drugs among people in the UK, especially the youth. However, they have largely besieged by concerns of their inability to curb their arrival and soaring sale in the UK.

But, with the grant of high level powers to law enforcement authorities by the UK minister, James Brokenshire, these so-called legal high substances will soon witness a ban for 12 months.

Presently, the Home Office’s advisers on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs needs to ponder over the ill-effects related to the drug prior to imposing a ban on it.

The UK government has announced that it seeks not to delay and immediately allow the police and other enforcement bodies to issue a 12-month ban on the use of new substances, or at least until regulatory bodies have concluded with the review on them.

In addition, the UK Border Agency will also be ordered to keep a stern check on shipments entering the country and police will be empowered to lawfully seize suspected substances and chemicals.

As per the new legislation, individuals found in indulging in the use or supply of these lethal substances will have a face a maximum 14-year prison sentence and an unlimited fine.