Battelino: Being Alert is the Key to Handle Problems that Boosted Inflation May Cause

Central Bank Deputy Governor, Ric Battelino said that a development in the economic scenario of Australia, which now is in its 20th year of expansion due to the boom in investment setting, will increase inflation pressures in the upcoming time.

In Brisbane, he said that considering what history has taught up to now that inflation can cause trouble during boom in resources and given that there is room for the perception that in the present year, it will cause less trouble, everyone will need to be alert to keep an eye on the risks.

The RBA, which has been a leader of Group of 20 countries in raising borrowings costs by six times between the period October and May, maintained interest rates and left them unaltered on 3rd August for a third straight month, which could be because of worries in relation to monetary development in the United States and the European region.

Demand from China for resources is encouraging firms like Chevron Corp, to sustain investment, which has dropped joblessness and probably worsening a deficit of skilled employees.

An Economist at Citigroup Inc., Sydney, Joshua Williamson, said that Battellino was still pretty optimistic regarding the economy.

He said that economy could be handled now but will become an issue by the next year.