Pilots Protest against Jetstar’s New Employment Contracts

In a protest to the Jetstar’s new employment contracts, its pilots are planning to initiate action against the airline with Fair Work Australia. Also, they are considering causing delays, on account of degrading wages and conditions.

On Monday, in Sydney, a meeting will held between 100 pilots and the airline, to talk about the Jetstar’s expansion plans in Asia and Europe, for which it is making employment agreements.

As per the new changes, some of the pilots would shift to the airline's new Singapore-Melbourne route, where they would work under private contracts. There will also be scrapping of their wages and conditions, as told by the Australian and International Pilots Association.

Richard Woodward, a member of the association stated that they may exercise a legal action against the airline or could make a statement regarding the Company publicly; but they cannot reveal their entire plans, which would only be put forward in the meeting.

Defending the stand of Jetstar, Simon Westaway, the Spokesman of the airline expressed that contracts are not yet finalized for the pilots to be transferred to Singapore. It’s just that the region, we are going to catering to has different arrangements than we have. He assured that the pilots would receive best of the services and conditions.