Obama Administration Announces $2 billion Funds to Fight Bioterrorism and Pandemic

In order to enhance the ability of nation to undertake bioterrorism and pandemic threats, the Obama’s administration has announced that they are planning to invest as much as $2 billion for the same, including $822 million for the development of influenza vaccine.

"Our nation must have a system that is nimble and flexible enough to produce medical countermeasures quickly in the face of any attack or threat, whether it's a threat we know about today or a new one”, said Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius.

In December 2009, Sebelius said in a speech presented before the members of the American Medical Association that even President Obama is supporting her call to review the entire medical countermeasures enterprise.

Medical countermeasures needed for health emergency included antibiotics, diagnostics, vaccines, medical equipment and antivirals.

According to the HHS release, the reports considered the system of federal government to produce vaccines, medications and equipment required for medical countermeasures.

It also emphasized on the need for the country to quickly produce medical countermeasures to prevent the risk of ill health, including bioterrorism and pandemic flu.

The report also says that the ability of nation to tackle medical threats is lacking and this could be improved by boosting regulatory innovation, providing manufacturing services and core development to medical countermeasure developers and innovators.