Dementia Research gets Less Funding; Trust Campaigning with Govt.

Dr. Simon Ridley, Head of Research at the Alzheimer's Research Trust, claimed that the dementia research has been underfunded since long, as compared to the research of other significant diseases like cancer.

It has been reported that dementia is no more a minor or an unusual disease. In the UK, 820,000 people are already affected by this ailment, which accounts for £23 billion a year of the nation's economy; and that is, five times as that of cancer.

Thus, with this increasing scale of dementia amongst people, the funding for the research of this ailment should also be boosted, so that researchers can work to learn about it, and find new treatments.

Dr. Ridley said, "Dementia has been called the greatest medical challenge of our age because we have a growing population, are living longer, but we are not necessarily living healthily for longer".

So, the Trust is now crusading with the Government asking for more funds to be assigned for dementia research.

Also, now the development over this disease is being tested by Simon Lovestone, Director of the Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health, a partnership between South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and King's College London. And it is mainly focusing upon clinical trials.

With more funds, the accuracy of these clinical trials will increase, thus reducing the present bill of £17m-£35m for these trials by more than 90%.