E. coli Outbreak on a High in Winnipeg

As per the recent reports, the series of serious E. coli outbreak reported in Winnipeg is associated to a Folklorama pavilion.

Over 15 suspected cases and one confirmed case of E. coli infection have been reported in Winnipeg. Majority of these cases were reported over the weekend.

Katherine, the mother of the confirmed case of E. coli poisoning at Folklorama's Russian Pavilion has expressed her agitation over the late response shown by authorities related to the outbreak, highlighting that the news of the outbreak should have emerged much before.

The 23-year-old son initially developed severe abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea, four days following his visit to the cultural festival in early August. He suspects that eating at the festival is the root cause of poisoning.

However, doctors confirmed on Wednesday that the pain is due to an E. coli poisoning. In addition of the suspected cases, four people have been hospitalized.

The main point argued by Katherine is that she and her family didn't know that there had been an E. coli outbreak in the region.

"It's a little too late, because there are probably a lot of people who got sick", she quoted agitatedly.

The boy is, however, recuperating.