Caregiver Retires Because of Nursing Home Cuts

A veteran health care aide is reported to have retired due to facing stress and remorse as a result of cuts in Alberta nursing homes that have been recently enforced.

The embarrassment was triggered by her inability to grant proper heath care to the residents.

Brian Mason, Alberta's NDP leader, was joined by Loretta Raiter, a retired health-care aide, at the legislature to talk about the impact of cuts to nursing homes on residents on Thursday.

"The nursing home has now become like a warehouse. The human contact is not there anymore", posted Loretta Raiter, a retired health-care aide, highlighting how majority of the residents rush to the hospitals but do not receive proper care.

In addition, she underlined that a majority of the new residents are of young age, with some of them facing malignant diseases, and the staff members ought to facilitate proper care to them.

The scenario has worsened compared to the preceding ten years as staff cuts have triggered severe problems related to addressing the patients, because of which, employees had to look after more residents in every shift, Raiter, posted at an NDP news conference at the Alberta Legislature.

Raiter has outlined that there is an urgent need for the Government's involvement in order to initiate pushing money back into long-term care homes.