Federal Govt. Announces $1.9billion Grant to Combat Bioterror, Pandemic Flu

On Thursday, the federal authorities made a declaration of $1.9 billion so as to combat the outbreak of flu and bioterrorism hazards. The funds will be used to recognize and develop medicines for public-health emergencies.

The funds for the makeover were at first kept aside for H1N1 flu epidemic. The revamp would reduce the time taken for the development of the flu vaccines. Also, a string of steps are in progress, which intend at identifying breakthroughs that can reach the market quickly.

"We aren't generating enough new products", said Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, citing "leaks, chokepoints and dead ends" in the medical-development pipeline.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius says that $822 million will be used for improvements to quicken manufacturing of vaccines for pandemic flu.

Another $678 million will be spent on the establishment of a private clinic, which would operate under a Government agreement with small-scale companies. They would produce new products, develop new production techniques and during the time of high demand, would be able to make more drugs.

Dr. Brad Spellberg of the Infectious Diseases Society of America said, "This is a sign that the Federal Government is starting to get it".