More pictures of Nokia N9 surface online

More pictures of the yet-to-be-announced Nokia N9 smartphone have surfaced online, thanks to Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, the owner of Mobile Review.

Eldar Murtazin posted the pictures of the Nokia N9 smartphone that he spotted on Chinese website Baidu. The phone, which features the pseudo greyish unibody chassis, looks like a phone version of the Apple Mac Book Air.

According to posted pictures, the Nokia N9 has a slider QWERTY keyboard lacking any directional pad, an x86 processor and a 12megapixel camera with two LED flashes. Its slider QWERTY keyboard makes it widely different from its predecessor N8.

The high-end phone will reportedly be the first smartphone to run Meego operating system, which has been developed jointly by chip-maker Intel and phone-maker Nokia.

Nokia World has been scheduled to make it London debut on the November 14th this year, and we can expect more details of the Nokia N9 to come out then.