Easy Access to Medical Services as UAMS Receives $102M in Grants

The officers on Wednesday made an announcement that people residing even in the most isolated locations of Arkansas will be capable to receive care from medical experts via the Internet video chat, and for this the credit goes to a $102 million grants offered by the Federal Government, which in turn will expand broadband access all through the state.

Dr. Curtis Lowrey, the Chairperson of the Obstetrics and Genecology Department at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, said that people had always wondered how the Government was going to reform health care in the future, so this was the answer.

The association has been in progress at developing its telemedicine program for years, and the state by now has witnessed a noteworthy amount of drop in the rate of infant deaths since pregnant women in rural regions have been able to avail better care, the Chancellor of UAMS, Dan Rahn said.

Almost half of the populace resides in the countryside.

Rick Wade, a Deputy Chief of Staff with the U. S. Commerce Department, which had been offered the grant from incentive funds, said that broadband access should be easily available to all, which is comparable to living near good educational institutions.