Contraceptive Pills Increase the Size of Women’s Brain

Researchers have now discovered a pill, which has the potential to increase the grey matter inside the skull and can make the brain sharper of the females.

It has been shown by the study that the brain’s conversation hub and memory is being boosted by the contraceptive pills and the brain size of 3.5 million British women, who take contraceptive pills, has increased by around 3%.

High-resolution images of the brain were taken by the scientists, who found that there are several areas in the brain that looked larger for women, who were on pills.

Brains of women, who are not on pills, were scanned by the scientists more than once to explain the hormonal fluctuations over the course of a month.

The brain areas, which are being closely analyzed by the scientists, are the ones that are associated with the social skills and memory.

“The behavioral changes due to contraceptive use are likely to affect those skills that are already better developed in women compared to men like, for example, memory”, said Dr. Belinda Pletzer of Salzburg University.

The study also explained as to why pills affect the brain, as oestrogen or progesterone present in the pills stop the eggs from being released, but the links between nerve cells in the brain are also strengthened by that.