Drug-Related Death Cases Make a Downward Trend for First Time in 4 Years

As per the official numbers, the number of deaths taking place due to drug intake has seen a plunge for the foremost time in almost four years.

In the year 2009, the number of deaths dropped to 545, from 574 that were seen in 2008, which is a plunge of 5%. However, the total is yet the second highest to be recorded and specialists have warned the in the upcoming time, the trend would be making its way up the ladder.

This has been seen one year after the numbers hit the topmost level in Scotland.

The Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS have been taken as the ones to maintain the highest local figure with a record of 200 deaths due to drugs.

Scotland witnessed 322 deaths accredited to heroin and morphine whilst the heroin substitute methadone might have made a contribution into the 173 deaths.

Alcohol attributed to 165 deaths, which is almost one-third, as informed by the General Register Office for Scotland.

Fergus Ewing, Community Safety Minister, said that the numbers reminded that drug misusage was capable in destroying lives and the impact that it had had has been evident with the toll number.