SA Nurses and Midwives Plan Industrial Action over Staffing Issue

According to reports, after declining part of the offer from the State Government, South Australian nurses and midwives are seeking an industrial action. Elizabeth Dabars, CEO of Nursing and Midwifery Federation said that a 15% hike in salary over the next three years has been received well, but there is still a clash over staffing.

The computer system that is utilized to compute staffing levels will be closed down by the nurses, she said.

Industrial Relations Minister Paul Holloway is happy that the pay issue has been sorted out, but showed concern that the nurses are still thinking about industrial action.

Elizabeth said, "The response to the claim fails to address staffing levels and skills mix and professional development, all of which are absolutely critical to ensure there is safe levels of care for patients".

She said that there are grave concerns about the computer system that has been changed by the Government administrators. They feel that this is not only risky for the workers, but dangerous for the patients as well.

Holloway said that they will work with the Health Department on this issue and will hopefully come out with a solution to this problem also.