H.P. Board’s Stance on Ex-Chief Changed with Time

The firm's board decided to stand by Mark V. Hurd, even after he was accused of having sexually assaulted a former actress of erotic movie themes.

The Directors of the firm would frequently discuss about him getting the world's leading technology firm back to its roots, since he was an innovator.

It was difficult to swallow that Mr. Hurd, who would boast of his integrity, would be involved in something so crooked, as per those who contained knowledge of the board's perceptions.

However, when came the moment for him to settle the charges in a late night conference with board inspectors, the Directors considered Mr. Hurd's acts too troublesome.

Almost immediately, that is by the next day, H. P.'s board asked Mr. Hurd to submit his resignation.

Ever since, the drama has been continuing between H. P. and Mr. Hurd, in an unusual trend, which is very unlikely to see coming from an executive of his kind.

The Company has been able to locate communications that were not exposed, between Mr. Hurd and Jodie Fisher, who was the sporadic contractor, accusing him of invading her privacy.

The thing, which bothered the board, was that Mr. Hurd had been eager at putting Ms. Fisher, whose job was to introduce him to the clientele at the firm's market gatherings, to be the one to manage top customers at high-profile events of the Company.