OpenSolaris Project Dead, Confirms Oracle

There were rumours doing the rounds in the computer industry that OpenSolaris project was dead, and now Oracle has finally made an appearance to give confirmation to the news.

Oracle laid out the Solaris plans in an internal memorandum that had been discovered by the OpenSolaris mailing list on Friday.

The firm gave its stance stating that it was going to keep its focus on a release of Solaris that would be commercial in every aspect, which in turn will help it in the process of expanding its sales volumes of its servers and various products.

As per the memo, all the attempts that Oracle has made with regards to dual distributions of Solaris technology is going to be streamed towards Solaris 11.

The firm informed that it is not going to release any supplementary binary distributions like once a night or bi-weekly builds of Solaris binaries or an OpenSolaris 2010.05.

The next major update to the Solaris operating system is the Solaris 11, which the firm said is going to be launched in the subsequent year.

The memo also said that Oracle will launch a free developer version of Solaris 11 in the concluding parts of the year, which has been christened as Solaris 11 Express.