Signal Problems in Motorola’s Droid 2

The signal problems linked with Apple’s iPhone 4, which the Company is finding unable to portray, was also witnessed by Motorola, which despite receiving a number of complaints from the users of Verizon introduced its smartphone Droid 2.

As per a report released by TechCrunch, there have been many complaints lodged by the users of Verizon against the antenna problems in Android-based Droid 2 and that too without touching it. Engadgetin examined four of the Droid 2 phones and found out the problem of continually fluctuating bar counts.

Other than that, some of the users surveyed in the report revealed about the low battery life while others complained about the signal troubles. Some users told that the signal gets disappeared in Droid 2 even if they sit doing nothing and without holding it erroneously.

But the antenna problems in iPhone 4 can be sorted out by holding it correctly by covering its lower left corner, which is not so in Motorola’s Droid 2. Gizmodo uploaded videos show how to handle the phone to get correct signal and named the trouble as "Antennagate". It showed that by keeping the phone in the case or by holding the phone with more open grip can allow proper signals.