Soon-to-be Fathers Experience Boost in Parenting Hormones Too

Men who chose to be fathers also witness a boost in the parenting hormones that is quite alike to that experienced by expecting women.

The neurochemicals appear to have altered men's brains in a certain way that it helps them develop the feeling of care and developing long-term relationship with their newborn child.

The increase in the levels of hormones like oxytocin and prolactin, when the child is soon-to-be born, are clearly seen in women. However, they are related to some definitive procedures taking place inside the body system.

Oxytocin is a chemical that helps in muscular contractions when the child is coming into the world, whereas prolactin helps in lactation.

It is also perceived that both the chemicals help the mother bond well with her baby.

However, in men, it has long been perceived that not many changes take place in them since they are indirectly related to the birth of their child, or breastfeeding.

The novel research has surprised all, overturning the concept, which has shown the rise in levels of both the hormones in soon-to-be fathers, that is comparable to mothers.

These hormones appear to have played a very important role in assisting men at bonding well with their newborn kid/kids.