Microsoft Warns Against Rapidly Growing Counterfeit, Virus Laden, Software

Technology giant Microsoft, which has built a huge amount of its fortune via selling operating systems and software's for PCs, recently held a Consumer Action Day on Wednesday, to warn its customers against using pirated software's. According to the company, the reports of counterfeit software, mostly laden with viruses, have more than doubled over the past 2 years.

"It is all too common for software pirates to tamper with genuine code. Why wouldn't a criminal syndicate that manufactures counterfeit software merely add a few lines of malicious code in order to compromise the security of your computer and victimize you a second time by stealing your identity or personal information?", asserted Microsoft's Head of Global Anti-Piracy Enforcement, David Finn.

Microsoft's Windows dominates the global operating systems market, and is also the anchor for the company's other offerings, like the MS Office Suite, but regular piracy of these has taken a huge portion of the firm's earnings.

According to recent media reports, pirated copies of the latest Windows 7 OS can be purchased in markets like India and China for as less as $1, which has led the company to look into the problem more aggressively. It is now looking to file lawsuits against many identified manufacturers of pirated operating systems and tools, to ensure that some part of the problem can be curbed.