Healthcare to Witness its Radical Overhaul

The government's plan to transfer the commissioning of medical care to GPs is witnessed to land the NHS in frenzy.

Senior official in all the NHS big hospitals have shown their disapproval over the Governments plans, claiming the GP's to be highly incompetent to handle the entire commissioning tasks in hospitals.

In addition, health authorities along with over 100,000 staff in primary care trusts seem to be highly jittery over their future as their organizations would be shut down as the doctors' consortia acquire the field.

Besides, the private sector suppliers of side services for all this including data analysis, procurement or contracting skills have also been hit by its reverberations. Some of them are seeking to join the cue and form consortia in a bid to be in a position to provide one-stop shops for all requirement of the new system.

Sources have claimed that over 500-600 GP commissioning consortia to come in power. However, these are just speculations as the calculations have been made considering that over 100,000 patients would be required for a consortium to bear the financial risk of one or two patients a year those will require expensive treatment.

However, the Health Department now possesses its funding strategy, which will ensure close allocation of cash to individuals.