ChildLine Receives Number of Calls from Kids Reporting Parents' Drinking Habits

As revealed by NSPCC, every week more than 100 children make calls at the ChildLine helpline concerned about their parents' habit of drinking and taking drugs.

Around 5,700 children contacted the helpline number in March only and told the problems they were facing due to their parents clinging to drinking or drugs. Two-third of them expressed that their parents take alcoholic drinks often. The charity organization termed such activities of parents as "ticking timebomb" in the lives of the children.

During the whole year, more than 150,000 calls were made to the helpline. There were children with tender age of five, who reported the abuse of drink in their parents. Also, there were children who were taking care of their younger siblings due to the negligence of their parents.

The parents should shun off such habits that cast an adverse impact on their children, as stated by Chris Sorek, Chief Executive of Drinkaware.

The head of ChildLine, Sue Minto said, "Children living with parental alcohol and drug problems were at more risk of harm than other children and ways needed to be found of helping them sooner". She also added that along with that they are intensely concerned about their parents.

Around 4,000 children who called in the year reported their parents addicted to drinking and 35% of them endured physical abuse.

The children also expressed about the temporal conditions of their parents, along with the incidents of physical violence.